Search Engine Marketing Singapore


The benefits of working with Search Engines such as Google are tremendous and apparent. Search Engines allows entrepreneurs to put their businesses in front of their intended audience right at the time when their consumers are contemplating to purchase or discover.

Unlike social media, where users are there to be entertained, consumers who turn to search engines generally have a higher intent of conversion and is actively looking for a product just like yours.

Search Engine Optimisation however, can be highly competitive and often takes months just to get to page 1. The benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) however, is that results and campaigns are mostly up within 24hours. Search Engine Marketing is also great for seasonal campaigns. For example, it may not be worth the time and effort to spend months attempting to rank products related to halloween because it only happens once a year. Search Engine Marketing allows for and is extremely suited for seasonal products and marketing campaigns.

Included under Search Engine Marketing, are Google related products such as Youtube Ads and Google Display Networks.

The people behind Investformation are Google certified individuals with experience in running and handling 5 figure monthly ad budgets.