Do expensive wines really taste better?

In the 2nd of the 4 step of How to be rich, we are taught that we need to learn to save and have money in order for us to proceed to our eventual goal of financial growth. But that often means that we can’t just start enjoying the finest things in life right from the get-go.

We do admit that sometimes it does get rather hard, trying to scrimp and save as you watch your friends splurge and live an apparent luxurious life.

And luxury don’t come any better than in the form of Wine, the universally accepted upper class alcohol.

It’s so high end that sometimes wine isn’t even offered in cheaper restaurants and vice versa for beer in high end places.


The procedure is almost always the same, the waiter comes to your table with a Drinks menu asking if you want to have wine with your food.

You glanced down at the menu of french words with symbols all above the alphabets, not knowing what is what or even how to pronounce any of them. The only thing you probably did recognize on the menu was the price.

Not wanting to look cheap infront of your date, you ask the waiter for his recommendation and surprise surprise, he recommends you the most expensive bottle in the house that’s guaranteed to pair spectacularly with your meal. Why? He doesnt say, he probably doesnt know either.

You say “ok, i’ll try that”.

He opens a brand new bottle and pours it into the glass for you to have a quick whim and taste.

“It’s fantastic” you said “we’ll take it”

Not wanting to waste your expensive wine, you and your date drank every bit of it, only to walk away with a bill amounting to the thousands.

So what is it about wine that has people paying thousands for it? What is so exquisite about expensive wine that they can cause up to 10 times more than regular ones? What exactly is the difference?

And as the people at Vox found out, it’s probably just your mind.

Vox recently compiled a video of past experiments and researches that have concluded that unless people have took some wine appreciation course or some sort, most people didn’t appreciate the taste of expensive wine.

But does that mean the experts know what they are talking about?

Apparently not. When these experts were unknowingly served the same wine three times, only one in 10 of the experts consistently rated the same for the wine.

In another study, researchers genetically made a wine that was labeled most expensive worst by adding tartaric acid and presented it to their surveyees. The results found that people still rated the most expensive wine higher to their cheaper alternatives despite the altercation in taste.

Watch this very interesting information about expensive wines here:

So the next time when you are bringing a girl out on a date, instead of trying to impress her by getting that expensive wine, try doing so by educating her about this fun fact and save money at the same time 😉

You can thank us later!

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