Inspirational Stories

Most people think that the answer to how to be rich or how to be successful is some sort of secret formula that the rich and successful keep to themselves, but they cant be further from the truth.

Take for example how Millionaires and olympic athletes aren’t exactly similiar in a lot of ways but both categories would be what most call Successful in their individual fields. So what makes them who they are? What is this secret source that we don’t have?

When it all comes down to it, the primary differentiating factor between them and everyone else is their mindset; the willingness to put in the effort, the drive to never take No for an answer and a laser like focus to not quit till they get what they want.

Investformation brings to you such inspirational stories and articles with tools like our Financial Calculator Singapore by a Singapore Entrepreneur to inspire and equip you with the what and how’s of being successful, not just financially, but to bring forth the mindset to everything else you want to achieve in life