What does MMA got to do with Entrepreneurship?

Just not too long ago, we covered an article by Mark Cuban which explained that Athletes do not have an advantage in business, so what does MMA got to do with entrepreneurship?


Enter Conor Mcgregor who recently knocked out defending UFC Champion, Jose Aldo infront of a sell out crowd making him one of the highest paid UFC fighter in the history of the sport. But while the internet went on about how Mcgregor made that much money in just 13 secs, the truth is, he didnt. Read this very interesting article on Conor Mcgregor to find out why.


And being an Entrepreneur feels very much the same. It’s called, the Iceberg Illusion




Just like how people only see the 13 secs Mcgregor worked on stage, what people don’t see is the hours of dedication and hard work into making his fight last as short as it did.
It is in fact very much the same for Entrepreneurs. Everybody wants to be that top of the line millionaire earning big bucks. But nobody sees the hard work you put in and you shouldnt expect them to. Being rich isn’t easy, it takes a lot more underlying factors that may not be seen by the naked eye.


Vice versa, if you are looking to be a successful entrepreneur but is unwilling to put in and make the sacrifices behind the scene, chances are, you won’t get too far ahead!