Starting a Business

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Starting a Business in Singapore can be tough work. Singapore Schools would teach you everything from why the world is round to the structural composition of matter. They seem to teach you everything in life but the things you really need to succeed; things like financial management and entrepreneurship.

And to many hopeful entrepreneurs, that can be a deterring, or at the very least, extremely time consuming matter, learning how to go about doing everything. From marketing to pricing to positioning, there is a lot to think about when starting a business, decisions that unlike being in school, might potentially cost you tons of money you took so long to save up for.

Aside from being tied down by the critical decisions one needs to make when starting a business, there are a lot of financial issues on hand as well that would require your attention i.e cost of goods etc. Of all the financial burdens required at the start of your business, one of the your heaviest cost would come from creating a website that is absolutely essential in this digital era.

How can Investformation help hopeful entrepreneurs starting their own business?


Investformation offers our partnership program to entrepreneurs who are looking to start a Business. We offer our full expertise based on our Business Consultant experience to offer you business advice such as marketing, pricing etc so that your business would be in the best possible position to succeed.

On top of that, our web designers would create and design an entire website for your business and handle everything using our SEO services to rank on Search Engines such as Google, and our Social Media Marketing skills to help increase your Social Media platforms presence and following absolutely FREE!

Why is Investformation helping hopeful Entrepreneur start their business?

It’s actually really simple. Our expertise lies in Digital Marketing, and as confident as we are in our Business marketing skills, we are limited by the physical skill sets and connections we have I.e we do not know how to fix an air conditioning system even though we are sure as hell able to market such a business, or you might have a connection to produce a patented technology that we don’t. We thus decided to launch a partnership program to offer our Digital Marketing Services for a win-win situation for both parties by splitting the work and specializing in our own individual fields.

Plus, we were once a startup as well and we totally understand how much things there are to learn/do when you are just starting your business. We wished there was someone to guide us out of the initial dark phase, and now that we have walked that road, we want to do the same for hopeful entrepreneurs who want to do the same at no extra cost on your end.

I’m starting a Business, how much do you charge for this Partnership?

Nothing! We do not charge our partners a single cent for our work but instead acquire an agreed upon amount of equity in the business. Equity amount would be based on our own calculations such as ROI etc and would be openly and mutually accepted before this partnership can even proceed.

Hit us up today with your proposal and we would be able to discuss how we are able to work from there.

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    *Investformation reserves the right to reject applications based on our own Discretion