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What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is the sweet science of understanding how various Social media platforms work and how do you use them to your business’s advantage in Digital Marketing. Much like how our SEO services tap on the understanding of Google, Bing etc, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the same for Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest etc. We tap on the algorithm of these platforms and not only improve your follower/like count but also boost your client reach and engagement rate.

What is the importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Nobody buys into TV advertisement or main stream marketing channel anymore these days. On top of having a good web designer do up your website, modern consumers now also judge your business based on the number of followers you have on your Social Media Network. You can have the most beautifully design poster of your rarest jewellery made perfect and placed on the outside of Tangs building, but if consumers are going to look you up and realize you only have 5 followers, of which 1 is your partner and 3 has the same surname as yours, consumers are going to close your window and move on faster than you can say “wait”

Every “like” and “follower” you get across your social media account is a vote for your business, and savvy consumers only want the best bang for the buck for their money. If not enough people vote for your business, you are just not relevant from your consumer’s perspective, regardless of how good your product is.

I’ll admit it’s a misplaced concept of how to judge the quality of a business, but society is the way it is and you can either roll with the punches, or just sit and whine about how unfair it is that a business with 5,000 likes on Facebook can sell products of sub par quality at an exorbitant price and still get more sales than your premium product with a Facebook page of 30 likes.

Why you should outsource your Social Media Marketing to us?


Setting up a Facebook page is easy and Free but managing it is a whole different issue all together. What is not known to many is that every Social Media platform uses a different set of algorithm on their back end. For example, do you know that less than 10% of your followers on Facebook page would actually see your post?

It’s hard enough work running a business and doing what you do in your field, and the opportunity cost of having to learn to keep up with your Social Media platforms is often higher than the cost of actually outsourcing the Social Media Marketing portion of your business. Every minute you spend trying to understanding these platforms is a minute you lose trying to better your core competencies. This is especially important for businesses that are just starting out, when you already have so much on your plate.

Social media platforms upgrade and evolve constantly. The algorithms do change from time to time and what work today might not work tomorrow. Investformation is always at the front line of tweaking our strategies and methods to find ways to best optimize our Social Media Marketing efforts.

I just saw someone selling 10k Facebook/Instagram followers/likes, can’t I do that instead of engaging your Social Media Marketing team?

Of all the mistakes one can make managing their Social Media accounts, buying followers is very likely one of the worst mistake to make and nobody should ever do that. Although the results of such schemes are often immediate, the long term cons often outweigh the pros ten folds. For one, Facebook (also owner of Instagram) is openly and actively against such unethical schemes and on worst cases, have banned Facebook accounts for doing so.

Even if one gets lucky and goes under the radar of Facebook, such scheme would still result in a drasticĀ  dilution of your organic reach. I.e As mentioned, less than 10% of your Facebook followers would see any post you post on your page, if you have an organic reach of 100 people, 10 person would see your post. However, if you purchase a fake following of 100,000 people on top of your existing 100 followers, your post would now reach 10,010 people but the chances of it reaching your REAL followers would than also be reduced. This percentage diminishes with the increase of fake followers.

Lastly, to the trained eye, fake followers are easy to spot on Social Media platforms. This reflects badly on your business reputation and ethics.

What do we actually do for your business’s Social Media Marketing?

  • We select and choose platforms that are most critical for your business and work on them first. Note that not all platforms are suitable for all business and that not all Social Media platforms are made equal.
  • We help you build an organic following/likes.
  • Increase your reach and engagement


How much does it cost to engage our Social Media Marketing services?

Prices are charged based on a case to case basis as differing Industries require vastly different amount of work

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*Do note that Investformation reserves the right to decline projects and that we only take in a finite number of clients per industry due to conflict of interest.