What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is the sweet science of understanding how various Social media platforms work and how do you use them to your business’s advantage in Digital Marketing. Much like how our SEO services tap on the understanding of Google, Bing etc, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the same for Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest etc. We tap on the algorithm of these platforms and not only improve your follower/like count but also boost your client reach and engagement rate.

What is the importance of Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Nobody buys into TV advertisement or main stream marketing channel anymore these days. Modern consumers now also judge your business based on the number of followers you have on your Social Media Network. You can have the most beautifully design poster of your rarest jewellery made perfect and placed on the outside of Tangs building, but if consumers are going to look you up and realize you only have 5 followers, chances are that consumers are going to close your window and move on faster than you can say “wait”

Every “like” and “follower” you get across your social media account is a vote for your business, and savvy consumers only want the best bang for the buck for their money.

I just saw someone selling 10k Facebook/Instagram followers/likes, can’t I do that instead of engaging your Social Media Marketing team?

Of all the mistakes one can make managing their Social Media accounts, buying followers is very likely one of the worst mistake to make and nobody should ever do that. Although the results of such schemes are often immediate, the long term cons often outweigh the pros ten folds. For one, Facebook (also owner of Instagram) is openly and actively against such unethical schemes and on worst cases, have banned Facebook accounts for doing so.

Even if one gets lucky and goes under the radar of Facebook, such scheme would still result in a drasticĀ  dilution of your organic reach.

Lastly, to the trained eye, fake followers are easy to spot on Social Media platforms. This reflects badly on your business reputation and ethics.