As we move into the Digital Era, all businesses, no matter if you are in interior design, air-con repair etc, you are in the online business cause that is where consumers are increasingly turning to, to look for a service like yours. A recent personal survey has returned a not-so-surprising fact where a full 100% of consumers instinctively turn to their phone when in doubt or when they are looking for something, hence the term, “Google it“.

Think about the last time you wanted to look for something, did you turn to Google? Next, reflect on when was the last time you clicked on page 2 of Google. Let that sink in for awhile and understand that that is probably the same buying habits that your customers are going through. But if you think that just because you sell Sun glasses in Singapore that Google will return your website on page 1, you can’t be further from the truth cause Digital Marketing encompasses so much more than just a good looking site or having lots of followers on your Social media.

SEO Services


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We are talking about Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. SEO is a complex system that taps onto the algorithms of Search Engines such as Google, Bing etc to help them return your website when your potential clients search for your product on the web.

Why is engaging our SEO services so important?

Unlike traditional advertising such as newspaper or TV ads which uses an extremely un-targeted and mass approach of broadcasting, SEO services help streamline it to potential customers that are already actively looking for your specific product/service. For example, we know that when a potential customer types in “Where to buy Sunglasses in Singapore” onto Google, he/she already has a buying intent. This plays a huge part in your client conversion rate as it reverses your role from being a seller to a solution provider for your client by solving his/her problems.

Top 2 advantages of SEO

  • Targeted

    Aside from the aforementioned ability to be present when potential customers are looking for your product. Our SEO services also help Businesses target customers geographically, i.e if your product is in Singapore, you would want your website to show when people in Singapore are looking for it

  • 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week

    Unlike brick and mortar stores that have opening and closing times, the web offers 24 hours access to any and all users. A person can be planning for his Hawaii trip at 3am in the morning and still be able to view through your website.