In this Digital Marketing era where everybody turns to the online world to purchase stuff and look for information, your website IS your shop front in this 21st century. Very often, potential customers see your website before they even get to talk to you. As such, your online web shopfront is critical as it creates the first impression in your potential client’s mind.

Much like how customers often judge a business reputation and credibility by their office/shop front, the same theory applies much to the web designing world as well, hence the importance in having a professional looking web designer. But the good news is that unlike a brick and mortar store, a good website do not cost you 100s of thousands of dollars for it to look professional.

So how much does it cost to hire your Freelance Web Designer?

Our freelance web designer services start from $800 for a professional looking responsive site without shopping cart. Your site would be mobile friendly (view-able from mobile devices and ipad etc) and would be designed based on your industry and field.

Why are your Freelance Web Designer fees so cheap?

It’s simple. Unlike big companies that run a huge overhead and charge an exorbitant 10~20k per website, we keep our cost low and offer a no frill approach to designing websites so you do not pay for what you do not need. We have been in the startup position, where you are just starting your business and funds can be very tight. We believe that web designing should be kept affordable to the masses.

If your Freelance Web Designer fees are so cheap, does it mean it’s not good?

In fact based on our experience, it has been quite on the contrary, a lot of the expensive million dollar sites do not have good web presence. They may look good, but it’s kind of like spending tens of thousands of dollars to build the world’s most beautiful shop and placing it at Pulau Ubin.

Food for thought: Which do you think would do better? A small shop in the middle of Orchard road or a 3 storey shophouse mansion in Pulau Ubin?

Being fully SEO capable, we make sure that your site not only looks good but would be poised to rank well in Google and other search engines.

You mean on top of Freelance web designer service, you can work on my SEO as well?

We most certainly can. Look through our SEO services and Social Media Marketing page for some of the other services we offer as add-ons.

What are some of the works that your Freelance web designers have done in Singapore?

These are some of our past works:


Simplymaci is a Singapore trading company with over 30 years of experience in industrial trading, they wanted an extremely simple landing page that their customers can land on to show their web presence.


The Sock Avenue is a Singapore based Socks company. Their Socks Singapore team wanted a hip, young and fun design site that would appeal to it’s younger crowd audience.


freelance-web-singapore-designer is a Singapore Travel Blog and they wanted a news like site so readers can read about their new blog post.

How do I engage your Freelance web designer services?

Hit us up today to find out more

    *Do note that Investformation reserves the right to decline projects we feel are not suitable