The key to the survival of every business is the ability to stay relevant. Be it in the food, fashion, mobile phone, digital imaging, gaming industry etc. In a world where options and substitutes come in abundance, consumers would ditch your product and abandon ship if you can’t prove of your ability to stay relevant.

What has all this got to do with Digital Marketing in the Singapore market?

In this Digital 21st century, mere product superiority would not equate to increase word of mouth.

While our grandfather’s ways of going door to door has still been proven effective, it isn’t exactly the most cost or time efficient. Owning and maintaining a business means being able to provide solutions for consumer needs, and to do that, you have to be at the right time and right place. Digital marketing allows you to do that.

95% of Singapores own a phone with the ability to connect to the world wide web, and with that, consumers no longer ask their friends for recommendation, they turn to their phones and Google/Facebook.