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One of the best proven techniques to get rich in Singapore is to start your own business, but running a business in Singapore in this day and age is no longer what it used to be 50 years ago.

My own grandfather was an Entrepreneur and I’ve heard so many stories about him when I was growing up; how he would go door to door and lug his products along with him to try and get shops to carry his goods. But how things have changed in a mere 50 years thanks to Singapore’s exponential economic growth.


While this quote has been largely debated on whether it was indeed said by Charles Darwin, the gist of the quote by itself holds true in every business.

Case in point:

#Example 1: Kodak

Kodak was the market leader in the imaging/photography industry in the early 1980s and has played such instrumental role that even songs such as “Give me everything” by A list artist, Pitbull, drew reference to Kodak in his songs. But with Kodak’s inability to foresee and respond to the industry moving towards the digital era, Kodak soon found itself out of grace and is no longer the company it used to be.

#Example 2: Nokia

Everybody knows Nokia and almost 98% of the people from the 80s have had a Nokia phone be it the 3310, 3210, 8250, 8210 etc at least once in our lives. They were on top of the game. Everybody knew, loved and wanted them. But their golden years didn’t last as the mobile industry moved from being just a phone to a multi-functional device that not only takes calls and text, but has a camera, planner, games and customizable features and apps etc that Apple & Samsung is today, and Nokia just didn’t keep up. The Nokia today isn’t even half of what it was just 20 years ago, the passé mobile giant today has been acquired by Microsoft in 2014 and still only holds 2.7% of the market share as compared to industry leaders Android at 78% and Apple’s iOS at 18.3% according to IDC estimates in Q1 of 2015.


The key to the survival of every business is the ability to stay relevant. Be it in the food, fashion, mobile phone, digital imaging, gaming industry etc. If you are irrelevant, which at times could only take a couple of years, consumers will let you know about it through their actions. In a world where options and substitutes come in abundance, consumers would ditch your product and abandon ship if you can’t prove of your ability to stay relevant. No business want that.

What has all this got to do with Digital Marketing in the Singapore market?

In this Digital 21st century, you would be lying to yourself if you said Digital marketing do not play an important part in your business and that product superiority would equate to increase word of mouth cause it just doesn’t work this way in this day and age.

While our grandfather’s ways of going door to door has still been proven effective, it isn’t exactly the most cost and time efficient. Owning and maintaining a business means being able to provide solutions for consumer needs, and to do that, you have to be at the right time and right place. Digital marketing allows you to do that.

With practically everyone in Singapore having a phone with the ability to connect to the world wide web, consumers are no longer asking their friends on what’s nice to eat, what’s good or if they have any plumber etc to recommend. They turn to their phones and Google/Facebook to look for the best ones.

So what is Digital Marketing and what can your agency offer?

Digital marketing in short, stands for everything your Business is on the world wide web. From getting our freelance web designer to do up a website for you to subsequently increasing your site’s web presence through SEO services and lastly increasing your business’s credibility by working on your Social Media Marketing, our Digital Marketing agency handles it all.

We put your business in the spotlight of the web. In this age where everything is transacted online, your digital branding has never been this crucial. And that is what we do, we brand you & your business where it matters the most.

Why should I approach Investformation for my Digital Marketing?

At Investformation, we are first and foremost Business people. We may not be able to develop some patented technology for you, but we sure know what a Business needs to get out there and we’ll streamline it so you don’t pay sky high prices for things that a start up business wouldn’t need.


With multiple Business websites ranked in Page 1 of Google and thousands of followers across various social media platforms, we know what social media works best for your type of Business and how to build a genuine following (not some buy 10k followers rubbish) to give your business that credential it so desperately needs while you focus on the front end of the business, handling of inventory, design etc

We are not looking for a one off client relationship, because increasing web presence and handling our client’s Digital Media Marketing isn’t a one off hit and run, it’s a long never ending working partner affair. Our partners who have worked with us have seen a spike in their web/social media traffic which results in a drastic increase of inquiries etc that were all direct results of our Digital Marketing work.

Our types of Digital Marketing Clients

While we are able to work our SEO services and social media marketing magic on MNCs as well, we generally prefer working with start-ups and SMEs. While we understand that MNCs have a deeper pocket, we also realize established website and companies have spent years mishandling their websites which makes rectifying a huge amount of work and at times, may even be impossible.

So, if you are a new startup, plan to start up or is a SME that have a website that is relatively new and untouched, we want to work with you and help you increase your sales revenue by putting you where your customers are trying to find you.

Our Digital Marketing Services:

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*Do note that Investformation reserves the right to decline projects and that we only take in a finite number of clients per industry due to conflict of interest.