Don’t tell me how lucky I am till you’ve seen how hard I work

  “You’re so lucky your business took off” “You’re so lucky the market accepted your idea” “You’re so lucky you know that guy” “You’re so lucky you have this skill set” These are some of the most common phrases every Successful entrepreneur has heard. But all that can’t be further from the truth. Most people[…]

Luxury Brands: 5 Scientific reasons to ditch them

Luxury brands/watches/goods; Clouding our mind since ____(*insert birth year) Hermes. AP. Rolex. Ferrari. Gucci. LV. Does these brands ring a bell? Do they evoke a certain kind of feelings within you? On a more slightly more light hearted note this week, we look at the science behind why you should ditch the luxury brands you[…]

Warren Buffett’s 6 step success guide in 2015

Warren Buffett needs no introduction. He made his first stock purchase when he was 11 and 99 percent of his $63 billion fortune after his 50th birthday. He was the lone insurance policy for Pepsiā€™s Billion Dollar Sweepstakes. People stand in line to get a photo with his wallet. The Oracle of Omaha is one[…]

6 Facts about the Ultra High Net Worth in Singapore

Based on a wealth report dated Nov 19, the population of Ultra High Net Worth individuals in Singapore observed an increase of 40 individuals in 2014. This brings the total amount of ultra high net worth individuals in Singapore to a record high of 1,395, with a combined net worth of S$234 billion, which is[…]