How to be rich? Start a business. But starting a business is hard enough as it is, you start out with an idea that you were so sure would work. Then you meet a speed bump and a reality check, that things aren’t as easy as you thought it out to be, and before you know it, you just spent a good chunk of your hard earned capital on things that could have been avoided.

Investformation currently partners with various start ups and Alvin is often known as the go-to-guy for Business advices with thanks to his vast experience and knowledge in Business. A born entrepreneur who started his first Business when he was only 12, importing and selling Nike shoes, Alvin is no stranger to making a business work. He currently runs 3 companies and has personally helped dozens of start ups get off the ground.
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We specialize in helping start ups and SMEs find their spot to thrive in this vicious food chains, to come up with a feasible Business and marketing plan.

So hit us up if you have any questions and we will try our best to share with you what we know